International Study Week on Cultural Diversity on Nursing and Family Nursing 20.5-24.5.2013

Every spring you can find active and international school of Health Care in Tampere University of Applied Sciences!
The School of Health Care of TAMK organized international study week in 20.5.2013-24.5.2013. The week included lectures and presentations from teachers, students and staff members, who are working in the field of health care and internationalization. Our international guests also made a study visits to a multicultural station Sofia, Tampere University Hospital and the new patient hotel Nordic Care.
Themes of the week were family nursing and cultural diversity on nursing. Guests came from Spain, Kenya, Uganda, Slovenia and UK. Also all exchange students from Italy and Scotland.
There was also free time activity during the week. Teachers went to dinner cruise by boat seeing beautiful Pyhäjärvi lake. The weather was favoring this week with sun.
Hopefully weather is favoring the international study week next year also, which is taking place earlier in spring, in April: 22.4.2014-25.4.2014. Anyway you are warmly welcome to visit us!

Administrator Barry Harry from International Health Sciences University in Uganda gave a presentation about e-Learning.


Teachers´ dinner at Pyhäjärvi lake


Dr. Agatha Christine Onyango from Maseno University in Kenya
 gave a presentation about Kenya Learning possibilities.
 In the picture Agatha Christine gave presents to 
TAMK and nursing students.

Professor Rosebella Ogutu Onyango Maseno
 University in Kenya talked about
 Public Health in Kenya.


From UK Northhumbria University Senior Lectures
 Janice Macknight and Debra Morgan
 were talking about caring in the socially
 and culturally diverse community and gave us examples
 from North East England


Teachers had their own meeting. 
This year`s topic was student
 and patient security in hospital.

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