Orientation weeks for nursing exchange students 8.-19.2.2016

"Hei hei" to our family and friends!

Today we have said goodbye to our family and friends. We are starting a new experience in Tampere (Finland). We are going to stay 3 months meeting new people and learning the health care and culture of this country.

It has been hard to say goodbye to those who we love but we know that this experience will change our life, we will grow up and have so much fun. Because of that we won’t remember those who we have left behind...

Orientation starts!

Today we have met our coordinator Marika Kyllönen. She has given to us some information about Tampere and what we have to do while being here. But the most important is that we have had the first contact with our Erasmus mates. 

Health care and social service systems of Finland

Today we had the chance to meet our nursing teachers Sanna Laiho and Elina Botha. They introduced us the exchange programme. It has been a very interesting day because we didn’t just talk about Finland; we also have shared information about the health systems from the home countries of our class mates. Also today we had met the senior nursing students and they have made us a tour around TAMK, so we won’t get lost during our exchange programme. 


Medication calculation exam and clinical skills

Today we had an exam. We were a little nervous, but then we realised that we could get a good qualification because we had made this before. The coolest part is that we were in a class where we found an ambulance! After that, we went to practice some clinical skills and we discovered that there were some differences between Finland and our home countries.




Multicultural nursing care and Tampere city tour

Today we had the first contact with the students of the first year nursing degree. Elisa Airikkala gave us a lecture in multicultural nursing. We had to explain three things about us and then show to each other how the birds sing in our countries. It was very curious because the sings were very different in each country. After that, we made some groups of 5 persons each one and then we perform three cases. These cases were based on health typical situation but we couldn’t speak in English, so we had to communicate with each other using drama.

In the afternoon, the senior students took us for a tour around Tampere. It was great because we had the chance to go to Hotel Torni to have a coffee, the views were awesome! After that, we went to
Vapriikki (Tampere’s museum). We have seen the ice age animals, some precious stones,  strange animals, the history of Tampere…


Karaoke night


The classes are not the only unique things that we do with our class mates. We also have some fun after the university. We went to a karaoke and we sang some songs together like Mamma mia! There were Finnish people in the karaoke, so we had a good time hearing them singing in ‘’suomea’’.






Seminar day


Today we have shown our patriotic feelings and how proud we are about our countries. We have presented the most typical things of each country to the class mates, and some Finns students. Also they show us some typical food, expressions, costumes, famous places, sports … We have learnt a lot from them!!!

Northern lights!


After few days of searching the northern lights, we had the chance to see them. What a beautiful phenomenon! At last, it was one of the most important reasons why we have chosen Finland as a destination for our Erasmus.

First aid and ergonomic skills

Today we have practiced our ergonomics with Liisa Mannisenmäki and first aid skills with Tuija Rasku. We have practiced it in our home country university, but the chance to practice it with the physiotherapy students was good because they have given to us some tips to improve it.

Get ready for practical placements!


Today was the last day of our orientation week. We have made groups of exchange students and Finns students. The objective of that was working together to build a tower using spaghettis, tape, a marshmallow and thread. It was a great time! In the afternoon we went to see our placements with the senior students. They have shown us, where to take the clothes, where to change, and everything, so on Monday we know where to go and move around the hospital.

We want to thank the teachers and coordinators for these two orientation weeks. We have learned a lot about different issues around from different countries. We know that they have spent a lot of hours to prepare the classes and give us quality education.

What a night at Union disco!


Tonight we have gone to a discotheque called Union. There was a party of Erasmus students.
After that, we saw how the love was in the air!

Nursing students Elisabet Ferrando Sanchez and Georgina Ros Brasó from Spain

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